7 Great Things You Can Do With LessChurn & Zapier

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Reducing churn is one of the biggest focus areas for most SaaS businesses. Churn occurs when customers unsubscribe or cancel services and products and can be calculated, analyzed and defeated.

Yes, losing customers is inevitable, but there are many things you can do to decrease churn.

One of the most effective ways of decreasing churn, saving customers and retaining your client base is using smart tools like LessChurn that assist in identifying churning customers and encouraging them to stay on by offering them a variety of options to choose apart from quitting.

The key to saving a customer is understanding what they lack and how to give it to them be it a discount, a 10-minute call with a support rep or another week of free trial. Both identifying and addressing your customers’ needs help you demonstrate they are not just a number and you do care if they leave.

While figuring out the reason for churn is something LessChurn was designed for, when it comes to improving business processes related to handling the issue, the sky is the limit.

That’s where Zapier comes in place to enhance the value LessChurn provides to your customers with dozens – no, hundreds! – integration options that will help you automate your churn reduction workflow and take full advantage of it.

How to Make Your First Zap

Zapier describes itself as a platform that connects different apps and creates automated workflows. Its key focus is to make your apps interact with each other on a trigger-action basis so that you can get done more with Less :).

We took a deeper look into Zapier to demonstrate how you can use it for LessChurn to save more customers and build stronger relationships with them.

Before we start, here’s a simple how-to first.


  1. Sign up for Zapier => Click “Make a Zap” button => Type in “Webhooks by Zapier” in Triggers

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2. Choose Trigger “Catch Hook” => Select “Set up Webhook” => Copy the webhook URL (sample: https://hooks.zapier.com/hooks/catch/xxxxxxx/xxxxx/)

3. Go to LessChurn Settings page => Paste it in Zapier webhook field => Choose your desired detours => Test & Save


Now you can send data on events assigned to selected detours to Zapier and trigger automations to save your time, money and, probably, nerve cells.

To see how it works, make a Zap like the ones listed below or find your own match.

1. Create a Channel in Your Team Chat That Broadcasts Cancellations and Detours

When it comes to clients that might be just about to quit, keeping your team alert is one of the key factors to winning this battle and have them stay. The easiest way to be updated when someone needs your attention is to connect your ChurnForm and your team chat – like Glip, for example.

Every time a customer chooses a detour, all members of a given channel receive immediate notifications. Being informed, they can reach out to a client in a matter of seconds (exactly, seconds!) to be there when they need it the most, and that can change everything.

Just think about it: 67% of customer churn could be avoided if the business resolved the customer’s issue during their first interaction. Be the ones who take action and you won’t have to helplessly watch them leave.

What if they are ready to cancel?

Well, that could be the end of your story if you do nothing, or you can get a second chance if you choose to respond, not ignore.

Ask what’s wrong, suggest a solution, talk to them, offer them a discount for growth’s sake. Because you know what? It’s the poor service that makes them less likely to return, not the price tag.

So go ahead and connect your Glip account in Zapier, assign the notifications channel and start watching.

2. Create Targeted Win Back Campaigns

Let’s imagine that the customer decided they need to take a pause.

Or ther project is on hold.

Or it’s just too expensive for them to carry on.

Instead of giving up on them, make Zapier add their contact to a specific email campaign that will make sure you never miss a potential win-back.

Create messages according to the detour chosen. If the reason for quitting your service was related to price, send them an email with a promo code or a special discount offer.

If someone picked the “pausing” detour, add them to a sequence that would remind them of you in, let’s say, 90 days.

Just because they don’t need your service now, it doesn’t mean they won’t need it in a few weeks or months.

3. Create Tags in Your CRM for Product Updates

CRMs are one of the most helpful tools when it comes to building serious relationships with your customers.

It doesn’t just store data, it helps you add some personal touch to your client communication and keeps you updated on their status.

Let’s say some of your clients may quit because your platform is missing a certain feature (you can see it by the detour they’d chosen). If you already have that feature on the roadmap or consider building it someday in the future, let them know!

Zapier will detect those customers in your CRM and mark them with a specific tag. When the time is right and your product update is ready for launch, send them a targeted message telling now you have just what they want.

And, in case some of your former customers have found another app they like more, enable them to get your release updates newsletter so they could keep track of your product roadmap and, who knows, maybe change their mind one day.

4. Bring On Your Client Success Cavalry

In the era of bots and automation personalization is everything.

You might think that all your customers are super tough introverts who would rather set their phone on fire than talk to a person, but things just aren’t this way (yet).

Every 4 customers out of 5 prefer dealing with a real human being over a chatbot, robotic newsletter and noname emails.

When you see someone who’s about to churn or downgrade, it’s your chance to get them give a second thought about it.

Pay attention to detours like “Extend my trial” or similar, they can be a cry for help.

Maybe someone just didn’t have time to check it out or maybe they’re struggling with something they can’t beat, or have doubts you could dispel.

Choosing a downgrade-like option can also mean something’s not right here.

Did they simply decide to take a pause? Or is it the first sign they’re ready to switch? Believe me, you don’t want to get paranoid on that.

Luckily, instead of guessing you can find that out. Or, which is even better, let your client success handle it.

Use Zapier to prioritize this customer cohort over less urgent request: set notification rules, update statuses in your CRM, create a support ticket or make up your own workflow.

You can also make those detour selections trigger an automated message with your calendly link to get them on the call as soon as possible (yes, I just said “automated”, but you’re immediately offering a one-on-one session, so that doesn’t count).

5. Cross-Sell Your Other Services

Use automations to take your cross-selling to a whole new level.

Try that for different customer categories. Let’s say, those who are canceling for a certain reason, and, on the contrary, those looking for a little bit more – this is when the holy ‘negative churn’ comes in which is definitely worth your while.

If your customer is about to cancel, try to approach them with a different product/solution.

Let’s say they don’t have enough time to invest in your product to get a good return. That could be a reason to quit or a perfect chance to offer we-can-do-this-for-you kind of service ending up with a win-win final score.

The same could be done in case they want something beyond their current plan and are ready to pay for it.

Be it consulting, complementary tools or product customization that won’t cost you a fortune – use it as a chance to make them even more pleased with you and more loyal to your brand.

Another option would be increasing your customer satisfaction by letting them know how to use your product to get the most of it.

Invite your customers to regular webinars, write a giveaway handbook, share your best practices or launch tool-specific training course – and you’ll keep them coming back for more.

Make them not just stay with you, but feel you cherish their trust and appreciate your relationships.

6. Obtain More Feedback

Surely, feedback is gold for prioritizing your roadmap and knowing your product’s strengths and weaknesses.

And, like gold, genuine feedback can be very hard to find.

That’s right, nobody wants to waste their time answering same old questions.

Of course, you can always keep it simple, send a detour-triggered automatic email with a link to a questionnaire and hope for the best. But here’s a thing: there are smarter ways to get clients’ exit feedback at its best: pure, honest and real (too bad, that one’s a must).

If you only want to ask them one question of the universe, and get anything but “42” in response, make sure you get through to them.

Try one of those:

  • Make a Zap that sends a sweet and short email with 1 exit question. Here’s how guys from GrooveHQ did it (that was awesome!)
  • Take feedback directly from LessChurn cancellation text field and offer something in return to sweeten the pot – a gift card, an ebook, a small giveaway – put the template together and have it sent via Zap
  • Collect and analyze feedback. Create a zap to store your feedback in a Google Sheet file for further review, analysis and prioritizing

You can also trigger an email campaign with automatic follow-ups to increase your chances of reply or set a couple of multi-step Zaps of a more complex structure – any tactics is great as long as it has an effect.

7. Get SMS notifications from LessChurn

Let’s face it, people can’t be online all the time. And that’s okay, but, what if sometimes you really need to stay on top of it? You know, to make sure everything is fine and no one’s left out.

Select detours you’d like to keep an eye on, no matter where you are and how good is your Wi-fi.

Configure a Zap to send you a text when those detours occur, and never worry about being offline anymore. Sounds like a nice plan, right?

Explore all kinds of automations with LessChurn, create tailored workflows and streamline your procedures. Let the Zaps give you more time to focus on key points, not chores.

And share your favorite Zaps in comments!

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